Skydive! Virginia Tech Students Have been Skydiving here for years. 

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Past VA-Tech Skydiving Club Presidents...


Skydive Orange Syzygy

2004 Bronze Medalists

USPA National Skydiving Championships

Intermediate Freefly

Bottom two (top photo) and center and right (above) are now widely renowned
Freefall video photographers, John Elmore and Bobby P, joined by VA Tech Graduate Shane McGroarty, now a Sigma rated Tandem instructor and videographer.

Many Virginia Tech students and alumni, such as myself, made their first freefall adventure with us at the Skydive Orange Skydiving club, and have been coming back ever since for years, accumulating thousands of freefall skydives and many hours of freefall time. There have always been a large showing of Virginia Tech students at Skydive Orange. We are conveniently located between Northern Virginia and VA Tech, so there have been a lot of VA Tech students from NOVA who have become outstanding skydivers at Skydive Orange who started at Virginia Tech- like myself, for example! Three of our Freefall Videographers, Bobby Page, John Elmore, and Shane McGroarty (also a Tandem instructor) started at Skydive Orange while going to VA Tech. Those who come from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg find it is well worth the drive. Skydive Orange skydivers sometimes parachute into Lane Stadium, and it is quite a thrill for us Virginia Tech alumni to be parachuting into a Virginia Tech game. Tandem Skydiving Gift certificates are the ultimate Hokie Graduation gift a proud Hokie parent could ever give their deserving graduate.

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Our 22-person Turbine Aircraft goes to 13,500', ever more Virginia Tech students become skydivers via AFF at Skydive Orange. Extra freefall time from our 22 jumper twin Otter aircraft (not to mention the safety of the most popular skydiving aircraft of all) added to the usual freefall time of an AFF jump otherwise made from the small plane increases your learning time, giving you an even better skydiving value. But what might this lead to??

Well, bobby Page, John Elmore, and Shane McGroarty all started jumping at Skydive orange back when they went to Virginia Tech. All those long rides to spend the weekend skydiving seem to have paid off since they won a Bronze medal in the 2004 National Skydiving Championships in Perris, California. Learn more about what  these Virginia Tech Skydivers have accomplished!

The Drop Zone weekend experience is a blast! I suggest coming out the night before, rather than making a long early morning trip from Blacksburg or Christiansburg- and bring along some friends from Radford while you are at it! Best of all, if you are from Northern Virginia/DC, we are still reasonably close so you can continue jumping with us when you are back home. Actually, we are about the closest Drop Zone from NOVA. 



skydive Virginia Tech Lane  skydive Virginia Tech
October 1998 jump into Lane Stadium
photos taken by bobby page