NTELOS (formerly CFW) wants to be a Leading Telecommunications Service Provider, but they are Hard Pressed to even Master the art of Providing their Customers with a Practical Paper Phone Book!

A company capable of providing high tech service produces a phone book that awkwardly divides all the listings into 11 categories irrelevant to a phone number search, in this case by geographical region.
So if I want to call someone I know is somewhere in the area, I can't just look them up alphabetically. I have to know where they are first. And if I happen to guess wrong, I have to exhaustively go through all 11 of the stinking sections one at a time instead of just one like I would do if they were all in one easy to use alphabetical directory. I wouldn't be looking in this directory in the first place if I didn't think they were in it, why make the customer's lives harder by unnecessarily categorizing farther?
I tried calling them a few years back, and the answers they gave me were absurd, something like the local folks didn't want to feel lost in the big book so wanted their separate sections. Like it was a social statement or something.
Try calling Ntelos (formerly CFW) now, and EVERY time you call, they make you wait while they remind you that they are "creating  more ways to bring more people together" EVERY STINKING TIME YOU CALL THEM!

HALP! Local Telephone Service Provider COMPETITION is needed in the Augusta County/ Staunton Waynesboro Virginia area!!