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Skydive! Orange county tandem skydiving- How tandem jumps prepare student skydivers for the certification program (AFF, or Accelerated Freefall skydiving certification)
How tandem jumps prepare student skydivers for the Orange County Virginia 
skydiving certification program

When you come to Orange county, Virginia to make your first tandem skydive with us, it can either be a joyride or a learning jump that 
counts as the first jump in the Accelerated Freefall skydiving certification program. the basic learning requirements of the first category 
in the certification program are:

    1) Altitude awareness - Check your altitude by looking at your wrist altimeter periodically in freefall.

    2) Open the parachute at 5,500 feet above ground, wave, reach and pull the handle on your instructor's right hip.

    3) Learn the landing pattern, which starts at 1,000' above ground when you turn and fly downwind. Fly downwind till 600', then turn 
    90 degrees for your base leg of the landing pattern till 300', then into the wind for the final approach. The landing pattern for flying a 
    parachute is similar to the landing pattern an airplane flies.

You can do this most efficiently with on a tandem jump, which is like learning to fly an airplane with a flight instructor right there. This
allows you to concentrate on the basics instead of learning to jump entirely by yourself the first time.

As long as you meet all the learning requirements, your instructor will give you a logbook saying you can go on to the second category 
of the Accelerated freefall course, which is a 2-jumpmaster freefall skydive with two instructors right there next to you until you open 
your parachute.

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Tandem Skydive Virginia Skydive Orange Tandem Skydiving by Lambert - Harris Miller

Maryland, Virginia and DC skydiving seekers come to Skydive Orange for its 22-jumper airplane to make a one-day tandem. Then, after they've made their first tandem skydive, Virginia skydiving first-timers, now in love with Skydive Orange, keep coming back for more, including advanced instruction in skydiving. Maryland skydive enthusiasts also make Skydive Orange their home drop zone for a host of good reasons. Want to learn more? Check out Washington DC skydiving's premiere drop zone's website, and decide for yourself.

Tandem Skydive in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC

Located a short drive from Washington, D.C., Skydive Orange is the biggest, closest skydiving certification center to Northern Virginia and D.C. We also serve all of Maryland and the rest of Virginia. Skydiving gift certificates are available. We jump from 13,500 feet (weather permitting), which provides a lot longer freefall than many other drop zone operations who exit at lower altitudes. We also offer some of the best aerial videography and photography in the U.S., capturing high-resolution video and pictures that many other drop zone venues can't provide by using their hand-held cameras that often only catch snippets of the side of the student's head.

Skydive Orange insists on using only state-of-the-art skydiving equipment and has the luxury of offering one of the largest and most comfortable jump planes in the Mid-Atlantic region. We recommend coming out to see why thousands of students, intermediate jumpers and experienced skydivers every year pick Skydive Orange as their drop zone over DZs for miles around.

Details are on Washington DC skydiving's premiere drop zone's website Why not buy a tandem skydive gift certificate for that certain someone!