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Same location since 1979. All jumps from our 22-jumper airplane (shown below) from 13,500'. Freefall a minute followed by a 5-6 minute parachute ride. 

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Here's what Sean O'Connor, from Ashburn, Virginia, who graduated our AFF skydiving certification program 9/14/2013 says about Skydive Orange:
There is a welcome feeling of acceptance into the Skydive Orange world by staff and fellow skydivers. The instructors and coaches are top notch and take your training very seriously but can still be down to earth and enjoy themselves at the same time. They are always willing to answer questions and provide guidance on the fly even when extremely busy. They are a fantastic resource for gaining experience, knowledge and good safety habits. I made some AFF jumps here and there over the years at some other locations but never had the sense of belonging or the desire to obtain the A license.  This past year’s circumstances led me to look for change in my life and once I made my first Cat A jump here at Skydive Orange in July it just felt like the time was right to go all the way. 

Ashburn Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydive in Ashburn, Virginia, Gift certificates for one-day first tandem jumps

A tandem skydive is the most popular way to try skydiving for the first time. Thousands of Ashburn VA residents make their first skydives every year at Skydive Orange, and many of them come back to do it again! All of our tandem instructors are USPA certified. We use the most current state of the art tandem equipment, hire the best tandem instructors and videographers, and have the best aircraft and facilities in the Ashburn, VA region.   So...why not join us for the Ashburn experience of a lifetime? (Prices found here.)


Learn to Skydive: AFF

Learn to skydive Ashburn Virginia, USA!

AFF stands for Accelerated FreeFall, and it is the best way to become a licensed skydiver.
The USPA Integrated Student Program was developed for the USPA right here Skydive Orange. This AFF program is the most comprehensive way to learn how to skydive. Over 25 jumps, you will progress from jumping with two USPA-rated instructors at your side, to eventually jumping completely on your own.  Are you ready to skydive?
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Experienced Skydivers

Licensed skydivers from Ashburn, Virginia, skydiving year 'round

Skydive Orange, Inc. is a club-operated drop zone that is run by and for its members. We provide load organizing every weekend, and our Twin Otter is the fastest 21-jumper plane in the region.  Come visit Skydive Orange and experience all we have to offer!



Come visit Skydive Orange for the skydive Ashburn tandem skydiving experience Thousands of first time skydivers have come to know!

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