Skydiving Near Me

Get ready for the best Skydiving locations in Virginia & surrounding locations.


Has it been a life long dream to sky dive or just a thrill junkie? Here are a list of skydiving near me locations nearest to your coordinates. Find licensed schools that offer indoor or outdoor skydiving close by. Experience the rush of free falling or tandem jumping from 18,000 feet. Here are schools with phone numbers and maps with reviews to help you get started.

Skydiving Near Me

Find Indoor & Outdoor Skydiving Nearest To Your Locations

Best Skydive Schools Near You
There’s a reason thousands of jumpers, from first-time tandem students to skydiving professionals choose Skydive Orange over every other drop zone in Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland. Skydiving experts frequently choose because of its ultra-comfortable 22-jumpers Twin Otter jump plane, while many students from the region pick Orange for its state-of-the-art equipment and instructional staff, who have skydiving resumes peppered with thousands of jumps under their belts.
NOVA residents frequently make the short trek to Orange for its scenic vistas and breathtaking skydiving. DC skydive first-time enthusiasts and Maryland skydiving professionals come here for our 22-jumper airplane, and once they make their first tandem skydive, Virginia skydiving participants fall in love with Skydive Orange and keep coming back for more advanced instruction in skydiving. NOVA skydiving enthusiasts, adding to the list, make Skydive Orange their home drop zone for tons of good reasons. From the outstanding instruction to the top-notch gear, the great social vibe and the remarkable landscape, check out Washington DC skydiving’s premiere drop zone’s website, and see for yourself why so many people keep coming back for more.
Skydive Orange is the biggest, closest skydiving certification center to Washington, D.C and Northern Virginia. Our one-day first tandem skydiving serves NOVA, the rest of Virginia, DC and all of Maryland. For pretty much any occasion, skydiving gift certificates are available. Many other skydiving operations in the area offer jumps from thousands of feet less than we do, which provides a shorter freefall. Weather permitting, we take you to 13,500 feet so you can enjoy the full ride!

We use only state-of-the-art skydiving equipment and have one of the largest, most comfortable jump planes in the Mid-Atlantic. We invite you to come see why so many thousands of experienced skydivers and students alike choose our beloved DZ over others year after year.
Skydiving Near Me